Shipping & Returns

At InnateVitality, our team is hard at work in our distribution centre to ensure your order is shipped as soon as possible.


Allow 3 - 5 business days for InnateVitality to pick, pack, and prepare your order.

Once an order is received, the invoice is sent immediately to our on-site warehouse where it is filled, examined for accuracy, and shipped. Orders are typically shipped through USPS for priority mail which takes 3-5 business days or via UPS.


Once your package has been shipped, a shipping confirmation email with tracking numberwill be sent.


If at any time you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of your purchase, please let us know. Your feedback enables us to continually improve our product and provide you with the most effective supplements to meet your individual needs. If you wish to return a product that you have purchased directly from our website because of poor quality in manufacturing, we offer a 60-day Complete Money Back Guarantee (minus shipping and handling costs). Simply contact one of our customer service representatives for quick and easy return assistance.